Monday, January 10, 2011

About Smoking...

I hate Smoking... No I Resent Smoking!

Smoking, not smokers! The act of puffing smoke out of one's mouth and/or nose.

Cigarettes or Shisha (Hookah), Cigar or Pipe; I hate them all...

I know I have no right to judge people, and I am not. I am just speaking my mind.

I am not saying smokers are bad people; I just don't like to see my friends or family smoking.

Can you imagine what can be done with all the money spent on smoking? (I am not giving any numbers you can look it up for yourself)

Did you suffer a loss in your family which smoking played a part in?

Do you see smoking as a habit our society can be healthier without?

Personally I don't smoke, don't plan to, and isa never will; for the following reasons respectively:
  • It's prohibited (7aram) in Islam, my religion.
  • It's harmful for one's health (lung cancer and heart attacks to say the least).
  • It has no benefits whatsoever.
  • It's a waste of time and money.
  • It's addictive, leading to dependency on tobacco!
  • It's a lame way to socialize, kill time, get warm or be manlier.
I admire non-smoking people and it makes me happy to know that someone stopped smoking; whatever their reason, it doesn't really matter.

I respect smokers; I just hope they would stop.

I hate Smoking....! And I hope it lessens :)

God Bless Egypt...God bless you all...

Over...Wa Domtom...

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Clarice Fullington said...

Thanks for this! I have friends and loved ones who smoke a lot, but I don't hate them for that; only their smoking habits. I also worry that they may have complications in the long run if they don't stop smoking. =(